Meet the babes of Belmont & AusTin

Life's a movie, and the world is our stage. Like any good script, when Nicole and Rachel met, it was love, best-friendship, and extreme admiration of fashion at first  sight. (or actually...first flight... of wine.  We prefer a bold red, with one ice cube. thanks)

These #BossBabes  have joined forces to bring you Belmont & Austin: a look into their every day ownership of all things that make Nicole and Rachel THEM, and you... YOU. Let's live our best lives, together, with Belmont & Austin. 

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Entrepreneur, television host and accidental pageant queen—Nicole Khayat has never been one to let an opportunity slip by. Born in a northern suburb of Chicago, she earned her first degree at Columbia College for Marketing and Broadcasting, before beginning her career at B96 96.3 FM. She moved on to lead visual design and merchandising for all of Burberry’s Illinois locations, while coaching cheerleading in her hometown. When a search for the perfect shade of purple eyeshadow led her to ten different stores—she recognized an opportunity.

After enrolling and completing a Masters Degree in Cosmetics Marketing and Technical Makeup Application, she launched Fancy Face Cosmetics: the world’s first and only sweat-resistant makeup. In that same year, Nicole married Elliott Khayat and began another adventure into hospitality as the co-owner of Khayat Enterprises, a restaurant group in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. Managing operations for multiple locations and a booming cosmetics business became her day to day, until Nicole’s assistant brought her a document to sign. She did so without looking, was unknowingly entered into the 2011 Mrs. Illinois International competition ... and won.

Winning the title further fueled a drive for good and Nicole became an advocate for Make A Wish America, Save a Pet, Go Red For Women—as well as the Cheer for a Cause charity, which she has a lead role in as a member of the Global Advisory Board. She has been named a Forbes Magazine “30 Under 30” nominee, received the “US Ambassadors Award for Women in Business” and now shares her renegade path with live audiences and an ever-growing digital community.

Most recently Nicole has been named host of Celebrity Eats—a new show celebrating Chicago’s Chef-driven restaurants and the celebrities that love them. She can usually be found in heels, running around the restaurants she co-owns with her husband Elliott, while simultaneously roasting him on social media. She believes that “if you can see it in your head, you can hold it in your hands” and has yet to let a good opportunity slip by.



If the saying is true that you are who you are by the age of five, then Rachel has been a Diva since she was two. You should see her: just two feet tall, hand on hip, serving confident sass to all that she met... in the most amazing outfits! (that she absolutely dressed herself)

Affectionately called Diva by her Grandma Dot, Rachel embodies this positive outlook on life, daily, through her encouragement of always giving 110%.

A performer her entire life, Rachel moved from Chicago to New York City at age 17 to attend New York University, Tisch School of the Arts and never looked back. The tenacity NYC requires was fuel for all that Rachel wanted to accomplish...and that intangible East Coast swagger has made her into the woman she is today! 

As an actress, Rachel has worked on stage and screen across the country.  Outside of performing, Rachel is a Licensed Real Estate Broker with @properties and the Co-Founder of Social Philanthropy, an event-planning based consulting firm that organizes fundraising events for non-profits.

Now, with Belmont & Austin, Rachel is able to marry her love of fashion and being a #bossbabe with her strong belief in being "extra"... and gets to do that with her best friend. #CHEERS!